• "X" -Just X

    "X" -Just X

    Doug is playing "X" Ultimates Merc from the Lunar Colonies
  • Amitar


    Morph-hopping, TITAN-hating scum androgyne
  • Asri AKA The Queen of Blades

    Asri AKA The Queen of Blades

    The Queen of Blades was orginally designed as a Domatrix for particularly jaded clients. A programming glitch convinced her she was in fact a super hero and she now wages a one women war on slavers.
  • Dr. Hanz Kueler

    Dr. Hanz Kueler

    Dr. Kueler is a hard line ultimate focused on both the evolution of man and his own growth through relentless genetic tinkering.
  • Dr. Ray Trace

    Dr. Ray Trace

    Militant anti-Titan, anti-hypercorp Medical.
  • Everett Moraine

    Everett Moraine

    HyperCorp executive gone rogue.
  • Hugo Vergas III

    Hugo Vergas III

    Bored, a hundred years of decadence can make you jaded. So jaded that you start taking increasingly bold risks to get that next fix. At least it's profitable.
  • Kishi Oniki

    Kishi Oniki

    A wannabe Samuri who works as a bodyguard for the Triad. Quite the bruiser.
  • Moneta


    Socially awkward queen of hackers.
  • Reforged


    A scumborn pirate with a heart of ...well, not gold, more like a titanium alloy this week.
  • Trance - AKA The running man

    Trance - AKA The running man

    Trance works as a professional animal of prey. The rich and decadent hunt him for sport or to test thier skills.