A scumborn pirate with a heart of ...well, not gold, more like a titanium alloy this week.



The entity calling himself Reforged was born in space, on a Scum “salvage” ship- which sometimes salvaged not only broken ships and satellites, but which sometimes sold drugs, engaged in shady deals, and rarely outright piracy when times were hard. He grew up picking through the refuse and learned from a young age how to mess with tech- to hack it, change it, and make it his own. As an adult, he found he had a strong preference for synth morphs- and being surrounded by the cool machinery made him feel at ease. It was his hacking skills and synth body which enabled him to resist the exsurgent bioplague that infected so many of his ship mates- and his own tough minded pragmatism at the end which allowed him to blow the fusion core of the ship before it could infect the local scum armada (from there surely spreading to dozens of habitats and ships). This action gained him the attention of firewall (and gained him a lot of rep with the his Scum family.) Though he has held off jumping onto a new ship for the time being, he’s been made into somewhat of a folk hero with the Scum- and they’ll be willing to help him if they can.


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