Character Gen

Thanks again everyone for coming out yesterday! (Doug you were missed buddy- sorry you had to work. )

TL;DR – as you work on character designs, ideas toss Em out to the group (or to me privately) and you can get feedback.

Now that most of you have been exposed to the system I wanted to throw out a few thoughts about char gen. First of all: If you don’t have time to go over the books, don’t sweat it- I’ll have 7-8 pregens available. (Looking at you Doug). And the pregens are actually good, so no worries. I will say that whatever you show up with (or don’t show up with) on game day will be what you have. IE, we won’t make characters on the first day. If you are making characters (which I would highly recommend), coordination is encouraged. This is a highly adaptive system (any character can take any skill, no restrictions other than budget). However, there are certain skills/traits that are particularly useful- things it’s be good for at least one person in the party to be good at; Infiltration Deception Infosec ( ie hacking) Hardware: robotics (hacking) At least one heavy would be a good idea too, with high weapon score/fray Psi trait and psi-sleights- very useful, but I won’t penalize the party if no one goes that route. General skills useful for every character: Fray (this is your dodge and reflex test) Free fall (you’ll spend a lot of time in low grav environments) Free-running (this is your move fast roll) One weapon skill

BONUS GEAR: I didn’t say this in the initial email, but everyone starts out with a standard Muse from the Eclipse phase main book.

Useful gear- I ’d recommend that at least one person in the party have a guardian nanoswarm. Any device or ability that lets you detect nanoswarms would be great as well. Fake ego id’s are sometimes nice. Medichines as an implant is nice when you can get it. Also, if you still want more skills the skill softs programming package (or the equivalent implant) can be nice. Keep in mind that skills “learned” this way are stuck at 40-you can’t improve them otherwise. Lastly, don’t worry to much about the morph integration tests it talks about in the book when you resleave- I ‘m either going to be removing it from the game entirely or nerfing it’s negative aspects.

Character Gen

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